Wednesday 15 December 2010

Cloud Computing - 1 The beginning

I have been reading up on a number of stuff the past couple of months and have consolidated stuff to put on my blog. One of the topics is cloud computing. This was rather vague in the sense that, if, I referred to any material couple of years back I used to get different ideas. But, a seminar I attended recently helped me to get some basic ideas to build upon.

What is there so much to understand about cloud computing? You may ask. Rather than being able to work with it in all its glory, you would be better off if, you can explain simply and clearly to an executive, preferably from a non-IT background, about the what is, how, why of cloud computing. Not agreeing to this? A lot of literatures just do this and only this. Why? Because as long as the execs don’t see the up-side, no computing is going to take off. So explaining the whole idea, selling cloud seems to be challenge I am facing now. So who started all this? A colleague some time ago asked how I would explain cloud computing to my grandma and expect her to figure out some advantage on her own. I am never going be able to explain to my grandma because, she is not around. But, the idea was still hanging around. After this, I just continued with my reading to understand cloud more and pursue some development too.

The rest of the stuff such as developing something to run on the cloud for an example, using the Google App Engine etc is left to books and technology literature directed at the tech people. I am going through these too and will put on some stuff as I progress. These will be totally technical and nothing in the direction of the para above.

The next few blogs would focus on specific aspects/points that, I got from my literature review which I did not come across in general.

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