Monday 25 August 2014

Celatum Pro 3.0 with secure chat feature : "Every message matters"

Celatum Pro version 3.0 has been published. This version of the Android app has a new feature for secure chat. It allows you to secure your instant messages with encryption. Every message is encrypted with a different key.

Availability: Check out Google Play and Amazon app stores for downloads in select countries.
Languages Supported: German, Russian, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Think your instant messages are secure? Think again. On all existing messaging systems the channel is secured with SSL and the like. This does not mean your data is secure. Once out of the channel at the server side, the data itself is available in plain sight at the service provider's server.

Celatum Pro offers encryption of the data itself so that, when the message is not viewable for the messaging service provider. This feature is an extension of the existing encryption feature of Celatum Pro which allowed secure text attachments.

Checkout the features on Play and Amazon stores for the app.