Sunday 6 June 2010

Elevate thinking on Software Development Models.

If you have been to presentations on Software development models then, you have been exposed to this.

a) Someone is talking about a new model.
b) The benefits list is longer than your shopping list.
c) There are also convincing Wow! Wow! examples.
d) It is some thing very different from all the models you have ever seen, heard or used.
especially that mean Waterfall model.

Then, the all time champion false claim

e) The model is promised to deliver you success at all times !!.

Here is what I think.

1) The Waterfall model gave us the basic stages of software development. That's the truth. Face it. It is NOT a guaranteed to fail. It might fail.

2) Every Software model has all the stages laid out by the waterfall model. Rarely do you see a new phase in the new models.

3) It is how you string these phases together, how much effort you spend in these stages, that makes the difference and the different models.

The questions to answer before adopting a new model.

1) What is the process you are following now?

2) What precisely is wrong with that process?
- Look for answers in Cost, Effort, Schedule.
- Get the numbers straight for the above three.

3) How much is the new process profitable in the above three?
4) Is this worth the shift?
5) Above all, Is your business process, team process compatible with the new model??
i.e can you map it to your processes?

These basic questions can set things really straight.