Thursday 27 January 2011

Crystal v1.0 An encryting text editor.

I have been coding and developing an encrypting text editor recently after I felt the need for such an editor myself.  It protects your text file by encrypting it. It is not complicated to use and has familiar menu actions.

 Some technical details.

1. It uses TripleDES key to encrypt your data onto the disk.

2. The data on the disk i.e. the encrypted binary is in base64 encoding.

3. Built out of SUN JAVA.


1. It performs the actions of a simple text editor well.

2. Provides encryption for the data. TripleDES with a strong key is good enough and is supported by SUN Java.

3. User provides password from which the encryption key is generated.

4. Since it is purely Java it can run on multiple platforms.

5.  The data from the file can be copied on to an email text and then you can use it at the other end with Crystal and the password.

Limitations and Future features:

1. Handles only one file at version 1.0.

2. AES encryption on next version.

3. Another thought that came to my mind is that, the encryption module can be used in application to protect configuration files.


1. Crystal is here  OR

2. You will need SUN Java 1.6.x for this to work.

3. Since it used TripleDES you will also need unlimited encryption strength policy files from SUN website here  OR

4. Copy the policy files to your JRE/lib/security folder. Thats it.
Hope you find this useful.

Screen shots

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