Tuesday 7 July 2009

ShopEasy v1.1

I am happy to release this software for Windows mobile devices.

About ShopEasy v1.1:

Ever been to a super store, walked through all the isles and been back home just to find that you forgot to buy something? or simply don't have the memory to remember the long list of shopping items. Then this is for you.

ShopEasy is a software designed for Windows Mobile 6.1 devices and helps you to shop!
It helps you to maintain your shopping list in a simple and easy to use manner. Before you go shopping, just run the software, select them items you want to shop and away you go, never to forget an item. You can keep track of items as you buy using the software so that, you are never in doubt if you have bought it or not. 


1) Easy and Simple way to maintain your shopping list.
2) Help Facility for software.
3) Fast and efficient.

Specifications and Requirements:

Devices: Windows Mobile 6.1 devices. Screen shots from HTC Touch Diamond.

You will need: 1) Microsoft .Net Compact Frame work 3.5 to run the software. You can download this from Microsoft Website.

Your experience and suggestions in using ShopEasy are welcome. Enhancements will added and new versions will be uploaded soon.


v 1.1
Link: http://www.filefactory.com/file/ahb4046/n/ShopEasyInstaller_CAB


LuT said...

Thank perfect program. It would be a good bar on the left, minimeze icon in the tray.
Can I translate into the Czech language?

Harisankar said...

Of course you can translate into Czech language but, with appropriate acknowledgements i.e do keep the About Window unchanged and the software free.

I will add some features and your suggestions to a new version soon.

LuT said...

Still, I would have called the item placed in the shopping basket. The program can not be translated into the Czech language, I found a set of languages. Can I write an email?

Unknown said...

When I try to run the application, I get a Directory not found. It's a Xperia with a Dutch rom.
NetCF 3.5 is installed. Any idead?

Unknown said...

Right, got it. It looks for "/Program files". In my Dutch rom it's called, "/Programmbestanden". I had to move the ShopEasy dir to Program Files to get it working. Nice app btw :)

Harisankar said...

that solves it for now. I will fix the issue in the next release.

Unknown said...

Great little program! Thanks a lot.
Suggestion: Sorting the list of available items (not the shopping list) alphabetically to find items easier.

iblesq said...

doesn't work on my Samsung i780. I have qVGA (square 320x320) and don't see the bottom line of the list and cannot scroll...

Unknown said...

Please, add sorting of the list of available items or to advice me some free software which to do that.

ЄӘи said...

Good one, Hari..
the simple interface gets a 'thumbs up'.
Don't overbloat the features like some other alternatives, they kept forgetting it's JUST a shopping list for the masses, not a rocket scientist looking for parts.

Kuching, Sarawak, MY

Unknown said...

I like your Shop Easy program and use it a lot. Two suggestions for next version: 1) As stated by many others, please make the list sortable for alphabetic order. 2) Provide more feedback that an item was added to the shopping cart when the shopping cart icon is pressed. Currently there is no feedback and I find myself either doing it again, just to make sure, or looking at the shopping cart to make sure the item is listed.