Wednesday 27 October 2010

Fun Fun Fun with Robotics

This is yet another part of a new interest I developed. Its Robotics Again. I was building the walking mechanism for the alpha rex on Mindstorms.

It took me a while to build it manually, and the VPL program was larger than most other examples.
It was all worth the effort. Why? There are a lot of reasons for a software engineer to be happy with this.

- First, not a single line of code has been written!! All the instructions are using the VPL that comes with the mindstorms studio. Yes, it does compile and all that stuff but, hey I did not have to type in the code. I was dragging 'logic blocks' to get the job done.

- Second, with this a software engineer can imagine something and he has to imagine not only the logic but, also dream something that is mechanically feasible.

- Third, you have to build it mechanically!!. Finally, something tangible compared to the programs and processes.

The walking mechanism is here in this video

The touch sensors usage is very very impressive so is the technique used to walk. Stuff written on the package is true. 'Only three motors, 2 touch sensors, ultra sonic sensor, color sensor but a lot of possibilities'

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