Friday 29 December 2017

Australia Tax Stats 2011-12 | Visualisation & Insights

This post visualises Australian Tax data for Individuals during the income year 2011-12. This web application allows the user to explore tax filing data to derive a number of insights. The data is available from the Australia Government website here

Watch the video for a look at this application. 

Specific Insights

1) Size of the workforce has not changed much: If the Wikipedia page on Australian economy is correct, then the workforce has not changed from 2011-12. The workforce count on the data confirms this.

2) Workforce made up of Equal numbers from both genders: Tax data shows that almost the same number of men and women figure in the filings.

3) State-wise gender gap in registered salary: Data shows that women, when compared to men, although roughly the same number in the workforce as men have their cumulative salary field at half the $ number in WA. This gap varies for the states. Since the number of women is almost the same, this wage gap triggers cause-analysis such as:

  1. Women are paid less in the same job compared to men.
  2. If (1) is not true then, women are not in the same pay band/scale or jobs as men are in. This would explain why the salary is less even though women make up the same head count.
4) Taxable Income/Salaries for under 18 age and above 70: The data shows that there is healthy income (but < 1 Billion) for these two age groups.

5) Comparison of states: On all accounts the ranking is NSW, Victoria, Queensland, WA, SA, TAS and other.

There are other data points like child support by filing individual, refundable, exemptions etc which can be analysed.

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