Sunday 12 June 2011


Lejos is a firmware jvm that can live in the mindstorms nxt brick. I installed it a couple of days ago after some hiccups. I was following some documents on the web to install this on the brick. After a bit of frustration I was able to get it right. Thanks to mindstormscreator and his installation videos on youtube. This also shows how to get everything up and running even with eclispe IDE. The test run of a java program that plays a tune on the mindstorms brick was successful. At one time after failed flashes my brick was showing the lejos version like a counter 0.7 -0.8, also showing a java exception on the lego brick, finally settling in 0.8. But, it is all sorted out now. A particular book on robotics studio was very tiring even after a number of reads. So, I decided to go the Java way. More information on how to on Lejos is here Lejos. Can't wait to program in java for the mindstorms brick. Hoping for challenges as in Bentley!

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