Wednesday 25 August 2010

Protect Shred Throw away

2 softwares that are useful if you are protecting information on your machine.
1 Software for storing passwords for users.

1) True Crypt.
This software allows you to protect information with encrypted container files, hidden volumes and hidden operating systems. Simply you follow the instructions to protect your data files with encryption.

2) PGP
I was under the impression that, the software turns features off after 30 days. But, the pgp author mentions that, it would simply continue to work. So, I am trying this especially the shredding part. This software can shred empty spaces in the disk or files.

Both these softwares can be used when you a throwing away your hard disk. Cryptographically erase data.

3) Password Safe from Bruce Schneier
This is an extremely useful piece of software for people who have loads of ids and passwords.
Instead of using a commercial application that drags your system down, this can be easily used with little or no performance hit. It allows you to create a username, password, tag to describe where this is used, credential groups. Simply drag the name / password to the corresponding edit boxes in other windows. The password data base is itself encrypted and just remember the master password.

Extremely useful software.
Google it. Download it. Try it

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