Friday 9 August 2013

Celatum Pro is now on Google Play: The power of encryption in the palm of your hand for 2 Dollars

Android app on Google Play
Celatum Pro is the commercial version of my android app Celatum. Celatum Pro offers a lot more than the free version.  Check it out ;-)

A) Celatum Pro feature List

1) Choose from range of encryption algorithms and key sizes during setup.
2) Type and save encrypted notes.
3) Send/Communicate your encrypted data to your friends as GMail attachments.
4) Your communication i.e attachments are protected using one-time session keys.
5) Maintain a list of trusted contacts with whom you can communicate securely using Celatum Pro.
6) Send your Celatum Pro handle to friends so that they can send you secure notes.
7) Receive your Friend's Celatum Pro details so that you can send them secure notes.
8) Change your password.
9) Erase your encryption keys and delete your data files.

B) What is better in Celatum Pro compared to the free version?

1) Celatum Pro allows you to select from a range of encryption algorithms and key sizes during setup. Check the available algorithms, key sizes below.

2) It also sports a better UI. Notable is the fluid bouncing list.

3) Works on tablets*. 

4) Celatum Pro uses the original Bouncy Castle Open Source Java Security Library for encryption. The free version of Celatum used Google's (Android) modified version of Bouncy Castle. i.e this uses the UN-modified version of Java Security library from Bouncy Castle.
C) The security options available are

I) Encryption algorithms available

1) AES
2) TwoFish
3) Serpent

These work on 256 bit keys within Celatum Pro.

II) Hash algorithms
SHA256, SHA 384, SHA 512, RIPEMD256, RIPEMD320, Whirlpool, MD5

III) RSA Key sizes
1024, 2048, 3072, 4096

D) Celatum Pro support email is

E) "Celatum Pro How To" Videos are available on Youtube at channel

F) Celatum Pro FAQ is at

G) Celatum Pro License Agreement is at

H) Note:

* Testing on tablets was done using simulator and all functionalities were found satisfactory.
* Celatum is priced differently in different countries.
* Currently only English version is available for the app. Other language packs will be made available soon.

I) Want to buy Celatum Pro Source Project from the developer? Get in touch on the email provided!


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